Fliers | Skrãjos

JCDecaux Prize 2020: The Words I Have 2020 09 24 - 11 22Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius 

Fliers are wanderers. It is said, they emerge out of wondering and are the greatest deceits in all worlds, since no one has seen their ends. Like Old Women of the Sea with bodies impressed with tales, Fliers whisper the future and treasure the past, but their truths are hidden.

No one actually knows where they’re headed or whether they’re headed at all. Without eyes, they use seashells as guides: as the Moon starts its wan, oysters yawn. Moved by this weirdly romantic grimace, Fliers twist.

And they're up to all kinds of tricks. Drawing prey into swarms of imagined and there’s no way out after that. That is why they’re so full of others: phantasms, bad news and oops, even antiques are there.

It is said, there’s a secret invite that no one is talking about. Something like passion or making faces to limits of thought. On the edge of a lie, at the top of distrust, under the tongue of reality and, as the funny feeling is reached, there’s a turn. Turn of eyes, turn of cheek without turning a hair, turn to stone.

A stone stuck in a coral reef. A pebble, dreaming.

Curators: Milda Dainovskytė, Vytenis Burokas

Architecture of the exhibition: Vladas Suncovas

Graphic design: Vytautas Volbekas

Project is funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture

Photography: Andrej Vasilenko